UI concept development: Nokia Maemo (MeeGo) platform

  • Project: Create a new direct manipulation touch UI for Nokia’s new high-end mobile devices.
  • Role: One of the first 3 interaction designers in the team. Started to define a new UI from scratch. “What are the user’s goals?” “What is the most intuitive way of achieving this?” was the starting point. Main responsibilities in the people/communication area (phone calls, messaging, emails, contact handling, social networks). The project span from early concept development to design guideline creation to detailed interaction design and specification writing.
  • Details: Maintaining the simplicity and clarity of certain essential use cases, such as answering or making a phone call or sending a text message, was one of my biggest achievements in this whole process. When new communication methods and technologies arise, there is a threat that more established use cases are “forgotten” on the background. I wanted to make sure that mobile phones are still – first and foremost – phones.
  • (Images blurred for NDA reasons.)